Whether you’ve heard about massage therapy and are looking to try it out or need a reliable solution in Winston Salem, An Angel of Hope Therapeutic Massage might be just what you’re looking for.

Located at 8025 North Point Blvd., An Angel of Hope offers a variety of massage therapy modalities to ease tension and pain in Winston Salem and Lexington NC. Some types of pain are brought on by repetitive motions at your job or from lifting things or bending down a lot, whereas other pain comes from actual injuries. The latter is common with physical types of jobs and for athletes.

The good news is that massage therapy can help in all of these cases.

How is massage therapy different from a relaxation massage?

Often when people think of massage they have images of those day spas with mud baths, pedicures, and facials. While those are certainly a nice way to pamper yourself, they’re also more focused on short term “feeling good” than solving problems. In other words, a relaxation massage may feel good on your sore shoulders while it’s happening and for a little while afterward, but may only minimally relieve the tension that started the pain in the first place.

A therapeutic massage is geared toward solving the problem. You’ll likely still feel relaxed and de-stressed afterward, but this type of massage involves more pressure to penetrate down to the source of the tension. As a result there may be some mild discomfort where there are tender spots, but the relief afterward will be longer lasting.

How does massage therapy relieve tension and speed healing?

One of the most prevalent sources of chronic pain is muscle tension. When the tissues get tight from repetitive contraction or from being strained, the area around them can become swollen. Back pain is a pretty common form of this and can occur with all types of jobs.

It’s not just heavy lifting — even sedentary desk jobs often involve poor posture. This can lead to pain in the lower and mid back. Knots in the muscle tissues throughout the back can be pesky. While stretching and moving around throughout the day can help with this, you may find that this type of tension is chronic.

The other reason massage therapy can speed recovery is that breaking up the tense tissue improves blood flow. When it comes to healing on body tissues in general, the amount of blood flow contributes to how quickly those tissues can right themselves. Tightness in the tissues restricts blood flow.

Flexibility and a feeling of lightness are common after a therapeutic massage.

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