If you’ve sustained an injury from an accident, or even from sports, your doctor may recommend that you undergo physical therapy. Restoring mobility and muscle strength in those areas, particularly if recovering from the injury meant not moving much for awhile, can be a big undertaking. As crucial as that is, rehabilitation massage can bring an additional layer of relief.

Discomfort and stiffness can be self-inducing symptoms. What we mean by that is stiff muscles and joints often cause us to be less active. No one likes to walk painfully on an injured leg, daily mobility can be equally affected when an arm is out of commission. Unfortunately, not using these body parts only contributes to the stiffness, when then makes further use even tougher. Rehabilitation massage can help to break that cycle by relieving the built up tension and improving the range of motion.

Rehab massage for range of motion and healing

For sports-related injuries in particular, healing quickly and getting back to training carries more urgency. Though we generally recommend regular massage for most people, this type of session can be game-changing (pun intended).

Taking medications for pain can be helpful if the pain is debilitating, but it’s always better to treat the pain at the source. The trouble with medications alone is that you’re leaving it up to your body to heal the injury and simply masking the pain. A rehabilitation massage actually soothes the area, relieving tension and promoting a faster recovery.

At Angel of Hope Massage, you can get a 2 hour rehabilitation massage session for $70 per hour ($140 per session).

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