If you’ve suffered an injury like a strained muscle, sports-related or otherwise, therapeutic massage can help restore blood flow needed for healing and improve range of motion.

Taking medications for pain can be helpful if the pain is debilitating, but it’s always better to treat the pain at the source. The trouble with medications alone is that you’re leaving it up to your body to heal the injury and simply masking the pain. A rehabilitation massage actually soothes the area, relieving tension and promoting a faster recovery.

Rehabilitation massages like this often go for $300/hour, but we’re excited to offer a special rate for folks in the Winston Salem and Welcome, NC areas.

At Angel of Hope Massage, you can get a 2 hour rehabilitation massage session for $70 per hour ($140 per session).

If you’ve been living with pain and wondering what you could do to restore range of motion and alleviate the discomfort, this is the deal you’ve been waiting for.

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