We’ve talked a bit about the benefits of prenatal massage on the site before, but something that is becoming equally popular is postnatal massage.

Particularly for women who have had C-section births, there tends to be a lot of swelling afterward. This can make it tough to get around for awhile even after the mandated recovery time at the hospital. This is because a C-section involves cutting through the abdominal tissue as well, which takes some time to mend and become viable again.

That creates a particular challenge for new mothers since babies require a lot of attention that tends to keep you on your feet.

Postnatal massage helps with the pain and swelling in these cases, and can also speed recovery.

Postpartum Massage Reduces Stress Hormones and Aids in Relaxation

There’s a lot going on after giving birth, from insurance and hospital forms to everything that comes next once you’ve returned home.

A mother’s hormones are already surging from the pregnancy, which can make feelings of stress or depression more likely (and more intense than usual). The serotonin release common to receiving a therapeutic massage is a powerful and natural way to balance out how you feel.

For women struggling with postpartum depression, consider this type of massage to help work through it.

Other benefits of postnatal massage:

  • Gentle massage can help release blocked mammary ducts
  • Reduce the risks of mastitis
  • Helps your body release more oxytocin
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps release bodily toxins and improves healing

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