Chair massages are an alternative to traditional therapeutic massage, and are becoming popular due to the mobility of their design. Both methods involve a variety of massage modalities to relieve tension, but the positioning of the body is fairly different.

In a traditional massage the recipient lays either on their back or face down while the massage therapist applies pressure to needed areas. Sometimes hot stones are used to loosen up tense muscle tissue and promote relaxation. These massages are usually an hour long, and often performed at the therapist’s office. For the typical session, the isolation and quiet is helpful for relieving stress.

But for some people the schedule just doesn’t allow for an office visit. Maybe it’s long office hours, maybe commute and driving logistics are complicated. These are a couple situations where folks felt unable to get massages, situations where chair massages can help.

Chair massage in Winston Salem, Lexington

Rather than laying on a table, a chair massage only requires a chair. This means the therapist can administer the massage from almost anywhere, and can come on site. For corporate offices looking to treat employees and increase productivity, this can be an ideal way to accomplish that.

Chair massages generally last 15-20 minutes as opposed to the longer table massage. This makes it possible for a variety of people to get a chair massage in a few hours. For special gatherings and health fairs, this is a no-brainer.

Can a Chair Massage Relieve Pain?


Given that the session tends to be shorter than a traditional therapeutic massage it may not be as thorough for serious tension. However, the stroke techniques are often the same (or at least very similar) with a chair massage. Of course, if you’re in a situation where you have significant tension/pain that will require more time to alleviate, your massage therapist can certainly accommodate it depending on how many others are looking for a chair massage.

If you’re looking for a house call massage, the use of a chair can also make a good option even at home. If space is limited or you have a few family members that are all looking for a massage that visit, a mobile massage table isn’t always necessary.

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