You may have seen therapists giving chair massages at health fairs in the past and wondered what that was about. Normal massages are on tables, right?

A chair massage presents a workable angle for a therapist to address muscle tension while being portable enough to be almost anywhere. Getting a massage in a chair also doesn’t require the patron to get undressed, which makes it ideal for public settings like health fairs where a variety of professionals are showcasing products and services. Folks that have never had massage, or are looking for a new therapist, can stop for a 10-15 minute chair massage and feel the difference.

Like a traditional massage, chair massages aim to work out areas of tension to relieve discomfort. Unlike a relaxation massage, the chair approach focuses on solving the source of pain. This requires more pressure as well as targeting specific areas, but creates lasting relief. When folks receive therapeutic-style massages regularly, they’ve reported lower levels of both stress and fatigue.

Adding chair massages to the lineup of services at health fairs serves as an attraction for new visitors as they arrive. After all, chair massages are relatively quick and can be done on the spot. People will gravitate toward it when they arrive as something novel to check out, and if folks hear there will be chair massages beforehand it increases their odds of coming. And everyone that stops by will benefit.

The focused, consistent pressure and kneading motions of chair passage help to penetrate deep into the fascia and skeletal muscle where the tension often originates.

Chair Massage For Corporate Events

For open houses, celebrations of milestones, and other group gatherings chair massages can be a great add-on.

People that walk away feeling like they got something positive out of an event remember it more fondly, and as a result, remember the host better. If you’re holding an open house, certainly having open chair massages for the public is a big start off the bat toward being different and memorable. As people walk away feeling refreshed, it’ll give them something additional to recall about the introduction of your brand.

If it’s a corporate celebrate-type event where you’re honoring your team, it ends up being a similar thing. Cake and speeches are nice, but providing something tangible to relieve stress and create a greater feeling of wellbeing is a strong “extra mile” step, and has been shown to create tighter feelings of unity and brighter morale.

Sounds good, right? Now that you’ve read a bit about the benefits of chair massage, contact us online or call us directly at (336) 416-4456 to gather more information and schedule an event today!