Pregnancy is a blessing, but it can also carry with it some common discomforts like back aches, neck stiffness, cramps, and swelling. Prenatal massage is generally a relaxing, natural solution.

There is, however, one caveat to bear in mind.

It’s not a good idea to receive a prenatal massage in your first trimester. That’s a particularly delicate time for baby. While prenatal massage is gentler than a typical therapeutic massage and doesn’t involve laying flat, most massage therapists prefer to wait until further along in the pregnancy.

From the second trimester on the prenatal massage is very useful in alleviating soreness and general discomfort. Rather than laying on your back or stomach, this massage involves laying on your side with some specialized techniques. We prefer to use light to medium pressure to relieve stress and clear the body.

Other Prenatal Massage Benefits

Therapeutic massage releases endorphins and dopamine that ease tension in themselves. What’s more, since your baby experiences mood and hormonal changes through its mother to a degree, prenatal massage can also promote calmness for both of you. This makes it easier for both of you to sleep at night without baby kicking.

These bodily chemicals are a great way to fight common pregnancy discomforts because of how quickly they can set in — as well as the fact that they’re natural to the body.

Getting quality sleep is especially important during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes taking place. Balancing this with massage relieves anxiety new mothers often experience; this nervous tension is exacerbated by lack of sleep.

Muscle tension and headaches during pregnancy are often caused by the extra weight you’re carrying around the the strain that puts on the body.

Massage improves blood flow to these areas, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. This also brings more nutrient-rich oxygen to tissues and helps flush toxins from the body. That keeps you and baby healthier.

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