The manual massage cups we use at Angel of Hope Massage are small silicone suction cups that allow for a gentle form of tension relief.

Tight areas (and those full of knots) tend to be sensitive to the touch, and the pressure of a standard therapeutic massage can create mild discomfort. The main advantage of using the manual cups is that the suction they create pulls the tissue up and loosens tension without the pressure. This manipulation of the tissue improves circulation on its own.

While manual cups don’t replace a therapeutic massage, they work well as an early step in the session to minimize discomfort throughout. We’ve found that when we begin treating tense areas with the manual cups the subsequent massage is easier, requiring less effort and pressure to break up knots.

Manual Massage Cups vs. Other Cupping Therapy Methods

Another advantage of using these silicone cups is that the massage therapist can control the degree of suction. For areas with less tension, or for clients more sensitive to manipulation, we can use a smaller cup with less suction. Larger cups help with larger areas, as well as spots with more tension.

An important distinction to make is that manual cups have a very low risk of causing bruising. Exceptions include folks taking blood thinners or those with skin conditions that make them prone to bruising. Other types of cups that involve heat and/or flame are more difficult to control suction-wise, and therefore more prone to leaving bruises or red circles.

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