• Cher'e Sorrell

    Our mission is to provide top quality care and services. We treat each person as an individual without being rushed in and out.

  • Therapeutic Massage services in Winston Salem

    Soothe tension and pain and improve mobility

  • Swedish Massage

    30-90 minutes of pure relaxation

  • Deep tissue massage in Winston Salem

    These slow strokes help work out tight spots in order to restore flexibility and relieve tension in the muscles.

  • Reiki energy work in Winston Salem

    The human energy field is made up of multiple complex arrangements of energy patterns, which directly impact an individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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We specialize in therapeutic massage, using all natural approaches to improve your quality of living and keep you at your best.

If you can’t make it to our office for a massage due to limited mobility, lack of transportation, or intense pain, we offer house call appointments. Note that this types of appointments must be made 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability.

Looking for a unique way to entice guests or staff at your next event? Read about our chair massage services and how we can bring the stress relief right to your group!

Some of our pain relieving and stress reducing services include:

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, trouble sleeping, or reduced energy you should come and see how a therapeutic massage can help!

Therapeutic massage can help with:

  • Improve your posture
  • Relieve stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Speed recovery after injuries and/or surgeries

We accept Visa and Mastercards

Note that at the moment we are no longer taking new clients in the Winston Salem area unless you’re willing to travel to Lexington or are interested in a house call appointment. We are still taking clients in Lexington and Welcome however.

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